Our History

HistoryWorley Surveying was founded in 1969 by Don Worley to provide the professional surveying services needed by municipalities, businesses and individuals in Hanover, PA and surrounding Maryland and Pennsylvania Counties. In 1977 Don purchased the remaining archives of J.H. Rife when Mr. Rife, a Licensed Surveyor and Engineer working in Maryland and Pennsylvania, was ready to retire. Mr. Rife had previously destroyed all files dating before January 1, 1960. HLS still maintains most of the original Rife plan files dating from 1960 as well as all Worley Surveying files.

In 1996, Kristin and Doug Barmoy, owners of Maryland Land Design, Inc. began working closely with Don Worley and his staff at Worley Surveying. Kristin, Doug, and their staff provided the engineering design services needed to complement Don’s surveying and produce a complete land development service for Worley Surveying and Maryland Land Design, Inc. clients. The two companies worked very closely together sometimes feeling like one larger company with both a Maryland and a Pennsylvania office. In 1998, Don approached the Barmoys and asked if they would consider taking over his company so that he could begin the path to retirement. It was a natural fit, so in May 2000, Kristin and Doug incorporated Hanover Land Services, Inc. to provide surveying and engineering services.

Worley Surveying remained a trade name for Hanover Land Services, Inc. for about five more years until Don was ready for full retirement. To this day, a lucky client may run into Don on any given day when he stops by the office for a visit.

To most outsiders, and even our employees, by 2005, Maryland Land Design, Inc. and Hanover Land Services, Inc. functioned as a single company.

At year-end 2013, Maryland Land Design, Inc. merged with Hanover Land Services, Inc. to best serve our clients throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Hanover Land Services, Inc. staff has access to all Worley Surveying, Maryland Land Design, Inc. and all existing J.H. Rife Surveying plans, reports, and client files.

I've worked with Hanover Land Services, Inc. for over fifteen years and have repeatedly been pleased with their professionalism.

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