ALTA Surveys – Maryland & Pennsylvania

HLS performs many ALTA Surveys as requested by the client or a lending institution. The following is a list of recent ALTA surveys performed by HLS.

  • New York Wire, 500 E. Middle Street, Hanover, PA
    6.2 acres industrial site
  • Vulcan Materials, Mt. Pleasant and Oxford Townships, Hanover, PA
    142 acre quarry property
  • Bookspan, Inc., Penn Township, Hanover, PA
    120 acre commercial property
  • LSH Gateway, LLC, 100 E. Madison Street, Baltimore, MD
    1.8 acre site in downtown Baltimore
  • Uplands Rental Phase 1, Edmondson and Athol Avenues, Baltimore, MD
    4.5 acre residential development
  • Westside Super Block, W. Fayette St, N. Howard Street and Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD
    3.0 acre site in downtown Baltimore
  • Wexford Science and Technology, LLC, Baltimore, MD
    UMB 1, 800 W. Baltimore Street, 0.65 acre survey
    UMB 2, 810 W. Baltimore Street, 1.0 acre survey
    UMB Garage, 1 N.Poppleton Street, 0.73 acre survey
    Biopark Freemont, Inc., 25 N. Freemont Avenue, 0.10 acre survey

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March 24, 2016