MDTA AE 2808-000-001/6, Construction Management and Inspection Services, Task 60

This task consisted of testing the structure of the electrical systems for lighting in the Fort McHenry Tunnel.  All task duties were completed between the hours of 7:00 PM and 5:30 AM.

HLS Duties included:

  • Verification of the calibration date of the testing equipment to ensure that it was up to date and code.
  • Verification that the testing equipment was fully functional.
  • While Megger Testing, HLS monitored the results of each cable to see if the voltage level was over 100 megaohms at 1000 DC volts.
  • Reviewed blueprints, submitted IDRs (Inspector’s Daily Report) to the Project Engineer
  • Responsible for ensuring the lighting system was installed per code.

HLS also previously completed Task 59 under this contract, which included inspections for the I-895 superstructure bridge replacement.



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July 24, 2019