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Agricultural Services

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Following is a short list of recent projects successfully executed by land planning, engineering, and land surveying professionals at Hanover Land Services. Be sure to review our affiliations and certifications and request a complimentary consultation to discuss your project needs.


J. Martin Farm
Petre Farm
L. Martin Farm
Lapp Farm.

J. Martin Farm

This Maryland project included plans for a manure storage tank, a proposed building, a concrete pad and an addition to an existing agricultural building.

Petre Farm

This Maryland project was completed to allow the addition of a manure storage facility to an existing agricultural operation.

L. Martin Farm

This Maryland project involved plans to construct a new large agricultural building to expand an existing operation. HLS obtained a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) from FEMA to remove area containing various existing farm buildings and the proposed building from a FEMA flood plain, in order to eliminate the flood insurance requirement for this property. The site plan and FEMA approvals involved coordination with FEMA, Soil Conservation District, and County Agencies.

Lapp Farm

This Pennsylvania project involved construction of a manure storage tank and an addition to a large barn.
What our clients say

I’ve worked with Hanover Land Services, Inc. for over fifteen years and have repeatedly been pleased with their professionalism.

Tim Mummert
Residential Developer, Mummert Enterprises, Inc.