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Catoctin Mountain Park, Reconstruct / Resurface Park Central Road

Catoctin Mountain Park, Reconstruct/Resurface Park Central Road

HLS performed a survey to verify and establish survey control and then performed a topographic survey of the 3.7-mile mountain park road located within Catoctin Mountain Park. The roadway has deteriorated and needs reconstruction and/or repaving. HLS provided a field crew on site daily to locate existing features including, but not limited to road, curb, storm drain structures, pipes and outfalls, public sewer manholes, and spot grades/elevations for design purposes. After the completion of the field surveys, HLS office staff prepared a topographic survey map with 1-foot contours using In Roads and MicroStation.
Traffic safety was addressed using devices such as vehicle strobe lights, cones, and signage along the narrow but curvy road. The roadway is traveled by approximately 90% of the Park’s 300,000 annual visitors and leads to various camps, trails, and Camp David. The HLS survey department also coordinated their daily activities with the National Park Service to avoid any conflicts with road closures and events.