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Environmental Permitting Services

Hanover Land Services, Inc. recognizes that protecting the environment is an important factor when developing any property. Environmental features such as wetlands, floodplains, and forests are regulated features that must be carefully considered and worked into the overall project design. We assist clients with everything from environmental site delineation to wetlands delineation, stream crossing permitting, and FEMA floodplain insurance certifications.

Our Project Engineers, Qualified Forest Conservation Professionals, Landscape Architects, Environmental Specialists, and Land Surveyors have the hands-on experience and current certifications to provide clients with practical solutions that maintain environmental integrity while meeting important regulatory compliance standards and maximizing our client’s ability to use their property.  The combination of our respected work and experienced guidance through the often-complex permitting processes at municipal, state and federal levels helps ensure your overall success.

We provide environmental permitting in the following areas:

  • Environmental Site Delineation
  • Forest Stand Delineation
  • Forest Conservation Plans
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Joint Federal/State Wetland Permitting
  • Stream Crossing Permitting
  • Floodplain Delineation and Mapping
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Insurance Certification

Check out some of our sample projects that have incorporated environmental services like wetland and stream permitting into land development project planning.

Hanover Land Services, Inc. stays connected and certified to help engineer your success! Be sure to review our awards, affiliations and certifications and request a consultation about your project needs.