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MDOT SHA Area-wide TMDL Design-Build

MDOT Maryland Port Administration

Contract No. AX7665D82

HLS provided topographic surveys and prepared a survey base plan, property mosaic, and right-of-way work map in accordance with MDOT SHA survey performance specifications in 2019.

HLS duties Included:

  • Office and field surveys to perform topographic survey for various retrofit areas
  • Field work to establish survey control at each of the project locations.
  • Located stream channel including top and bottom of banks and thalweg, where present.
  • Located visible utilities, water, sewer, storm drains, with invert elevations (where accessible), 18” and larger trees, wetlands limits (where delineated) and other existing features such as edge of roadway.
  • Office computations to prepare existing conditions topographic survey base for use by the project team. Work was completed in MicroStation V8i.
  • Research of existing SHA right-of-way and adjoining properties.
  • Review of SHA survey books and as-built plans to determine the most accurate means to re-establish the existing right-of-way.
  • Field recovery and location of right-of-way reference points.
  • Re-established SHA right-of-way and plotted adjoining property deeds to create a deed mosaic and work map.
  • Performed metes and bounds survey.
  • Searched for and located existing boundary markers and SHA baseline references, and set additional survey control as needed.
  • Office computations for boundary determination.
  • Prepared SHA Plats to be used for right-of-way acquisition. Plat was prepared in accordance with MDOT SHA specifications.