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MDOT MTA On-Call Surveying and Engineering Services

MDOT MTA On-Call Surveying and Engineering Services

On-Call Civil Engineering Services

MTA 1379A 

HLS provided Land Surveying and Civil Engineering support on this open-end contract.  The services were provided by coordinating through the prime contract Joint Venture.

MTA requested the project team to conduct an ADA assessment at various Baltimore County bus stops and submit recommendations for improvements and anticipated construction costs.  As part of the project team, HLS:

  • Conducted field surveys for use by designers in the development of contract documents and obtaining permits for the proposed ADA improvements.
  • Performed topographic surveys for 14 bus stops in the Baltimore area.
  • Provided survey computations and prepared an existing conditions topographic survey base map for use by the design team in MicroStation V8I, InRoads.
  • Established survey control referenced to existing site features with a sketch of each control/benchmark.
  • Located the following within the project limits: top and bottom of curb, sidewalks and ramps, utilities, poles, and signs.
  • Located top elevation of manhole rims, grates, and other drainage structures, invert elevations, pipe size and direction of utilities, and existing ground within project limits to 2’ contour intervals.